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6 June 2013

UK LIFFE wheat (Nov-13) futures prices have risen and on 4 June 2013 the contract price settled at £179/t. The AHDB/HGCA/ADAS crop development report for the UK was released on 30 May stating that while improved growing conditions have allowed UK wheat crops to catch up, development was still 10-14 days behind normal as at the end of May. Heavy rains in the US Midwest are hindering spring wheat planting progress and there are also concerns surrounding winter wheat yields.


  • Be tempted to scrimp on feed quantity or quality
  • Cut back on vaccination programmes to save cost
  • Keep pigs back and cause stocking density problems or shortage of feed/drinker space
  • Stop buying gilts in


  • Keep the culling rate up to maintain an efficient herd
  • Consider reducing slaughter weight to reduce cost of production through enhanced feed conversion ratio
  • Speak to your nutritionist to ensure optimal diet specifications and feeding strategies
  • Consider bulk buying feed to reduce load costs
  • Consider feeding co-products BUT speak to a nutritionist first
  • Look for wastage areas - are hoppers/feeders set correctly to reduce feed loss through the slats
  • Check feed storage - are bags being left where rodents can access it?
  • Clean feed bins to avoid mould and the feed becoming unusable
  • Use our simple feed cost calculator and guide

Further Information:

The Addington Fund provides homes for farming families needing to leave the industry and emergency grants in times of hardship.
Telephone: 01926 620135.

Farm Crisis Network
FCN provides pastoral and practical support to farming people during periods of anxiety and stress.
FCN Helpline: 0845 367 9990

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