Innovation and field trials

Innovation Fund

The BPEX Innovation Fund awards grants to pig producers or businesses who have a good idea but not enough cash to try it out and develop it. If the idea works well, BPEX and the grant award winner can spread the word to other producers – the fund is there to help evaluate new systems and technologies to benefit the pig industry as a whole.

It is about encouraging investment, improving technical competence and boosting cost competitiveness in the English pig industry.

The scope is broad and the ideas hugely varied so, whether you already have a clear plan or just an inkling of an idea, the first step is to chat to your regional BPEX Knowledge Transfer (KT) manager.

If the idea has merit, they can help develop it further and give guidance on the application form.

Previous projects have ranged from £6,000 to £24,000 in total value and grants of up to 50% are available from BPEX.

Field trials

If you have a problem with herd performance that you are struggling to get to the bottom of, your BPEX KT manager may be able to help investigate it or fund field trials to look at possible solutions.

BPEX is keen to undertake investigations and field trials where it identifies a common issue impacting a number of pig businesses. Results from the trials will be shared with all BPEX customers as part of the 2TS campaign.

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