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piglets suckling BPEX is re-focusing its efforts on the breeding herd in 2013 with a ‘Breed +3’ initiative to help each herd wean an extra three pigs per sow per year – that’s whether they’re currently about average at 23 pigs weaned or if they’re already at 27 and want to get to 30.

Helping pig producers wean more pigs needs to be the priority if the industry is to achieve its Two-Tonne Sow (2TS) target and manage its production costs.

The numbers of pigs born and weaned have only increased by around half a pig per sow per year on British units since 2006. Meanwhile, other countries have continued to increase their performance by at least two pigs in the same period.


Achieving Breed +3 in practice

BPEX Innovation Conference. A technical conference showcasing the latest innovation in pig breeding and building design took place on 18 June at Stoneleigh Park. Details and presentations can be found here:

Breed +3 Making it Happen - Conference and workshop. In order to achieve the productivity increases required everyone in the supply chain should focus on playing their part. BPEX and BOCM PAULS teamed up for this event which was held at Sandy Park, Exeter on May 1st, 2013. Full details can be found here:

Local knowledge transfer events. The key areas of focus for producers are in the table below and will be covered by BPEX knowledge transfer workshops and pig club meetings for pig producers around the country.

Publications and information. There is also a wealth of practical information available on this website and the BPEX knowledge transfer managers can be contacted directly for help at any time.

Breed +3 farm case studies Find out how some producers have already achieved +3 on their units through changes in management:

New Breed +3 digital tool for stockmen. More than 50 short video clips have been produced to demonstrate routine tasks on the breeding unit, for stockmen and managers to use on farm. Watch the clips here.

Topic Activities & Events Publications & Information

Performance recording

Recording workshops (with Agrosoft) in all regions

November 2013 regional producer events

‘What If?’ models on the website

Costings and herd performance figures on the website

Understanding/making use of recording

Benchmarking pig club meetings as a part of the ‘2TS Recording Project’



BPEX Innovation Conference - 24 June 2014. A technical conference showcasing the latest innovation in performance data interpretation

Articles and case studies on ‘2TS Recording Project’ – coming soon


Which Guide - Recording and Decision Support Systems

Gilt management

  Gilt Management Pack

Managing sow body condition

Topigs/Phil Baynes nutrition workshops: 17 April (Midlands) and 18 April (Yorkshire)

BPEX Innovation Conference: 18 June 2013, Stoneleigh

November 2013 regional producer events
Action for Productivity 20: Condition scoring of sows

Service management and boar management

November 2013 regional producer events

Action for Productivity 29: Heat detection

Action for Productivity 30: Semen storage

Action for Productivity 31: Timing of service

Managing litters and keeping piglets alive

BPEX Innovation Conference: 18 June 2013, Stoneleigh

November 2013 regional producer events
Farrowing Pack

Workshops in East Anglia and the South West (2013)


Seasonality Forum, Bury St Edmunds (25 March 2014)


Seasonality Forum, Darrington (8 April 2014)

PhD project findings: Seasonal infertility in UK pig production

Research Into Action 10: Seasonality in pigs


Research into Action 20: Meteorological effects on seasonal infertility in pigs

Manager-to-staff communication

Pig Manager’s Human Resources workshops

Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Development Programme
Pig Manager’s Human Resources Pack including an induction manual for new starters and a skills matrix to provide a structure for staff development.
Health and vaccination  

Pig Health Improvement Project

Focus on Health Pack

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